This image of a tall, thin sliver of mirror reminded us of one of our favorite tricks: using an inexpensive $11 hardware store closet door mirror as a sleek sliver of a view.

We first discovered it when we found one of those mirrors left in the Laboratory when we took possession. We used it to imagine what a corner mirror would be like. When it literally fell out of its cheap frame, we saw the hidden treasure: a slim rectangle of mirror.
Later we would purposely buy one of those mirrors to place by the stove, so we could see the view behind us when we were cooking.

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider
It’s easy to cut the mirrors out of their frame. Directions here, along with more sliver mirror uses:
cheap mirror 2c
Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider
via Desire to Inspire; photo via Yatzer 


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2 replies on “The Unexpected Illumination of Sliver Mirrors

  1. Good idea! I’ve also used these slivers as back splashes running along the countertop tucked
    underneath hanging cupboards. If you string a thin line of tiny lights enclosed in plastic up under the
    counter overlaps so they can’t be seen, the mirror strips gently illuminate your workspace,
    eliminating the need for gruesome overhead lights blazing down in mid-kitchen. You could
    experiment and maybe even get rid of that little gooseneck light on the stove shelf,
    uncluttering the kitchen even more. A few sploshes of mirror glue on the back of the glass
    is sufficient to affix it to the wall, and a glass store can always cut a custom strip to fit your space
    very inexpensively. You can also buy 12 x 12 mirrored tiles in a wide variety of colors and styles
    instead of using a strip.

  2. All great ideas, especially the lighting one. I like the gooseneck on the stove (:……

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