At Design Boom, we stumbled on an art installation called Third Eye by the band, the Krrrrr, and artist Anya Muangkote. Barbarians that we can be, we couldn’t really wrap our heads around the art, but are smitten with the paint-splattered jumpsuits.  Now there’s a swell outfit that would also be quite thrilling to make.

Bemanoy Photography
Bemanoy Photography

We still love wearing the bright blue street-cleaners jumpsuit we hunted down in Paris 25 years ago.

We went over to Amazon to what they had in the way of white jumpsuits —called coveralls there — and found a nice white cotton/poly version that also comes in 8 other covers.  But our favorites are these stylish cotton coveralls in all sorts of hot colors EXCEPT white. Dig this orange one (swell UNpainted):

We delved into Improvised Life’s archive to look up fabric paints. There’s a lot of info here.  We also found a pack of five colors would be ready to go with no further ado. Be sure to flang your paint outside or on a big canvas dropcloth (which will become nicely paint-splattered and a wonderful to cover a sofa.)

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2 replies on “DIY Fab Paint-Spattered Jumpsuit

  1. Sally, some years ago I had a grey Calvin Klein t-shirt I had relegated to “work clothing.” At the time I favored colorful rooms and was repainting my way through the whole house. One day I noticed the grey shirt’s smears, daubs and splatters had become rather artful looking (at least in my opinion). I loved it but questioned my judgement — until the day I stumbled upon a nearly identical t-shirt online, with an eye-popping price tag. It’s label? Dolce and Gabbana, none the less. So ha! After than I wore my painted tee with a bit more swagger. -RC at Catbird Farm

  2. SO HA! is right. It’s interesting to me what I’ve found myself looking for validations for over the years, only to feel better when I see some “official” designer doing it: wearing shirts and sweaters backwards, installing plywood floors, even my big hair. So the question: how can we get to a point where we just say YEAH that’s a great idea, just because, without someone else’s validation….

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