When we saw the image of a person sitting on the very edge of Norway’s Trolltunga, a giant rock that juts horizontally out of a mountain over half a mile off the ground, we thought: THAT’s how we feel 14 days after having launched our Friends with Benefits Subscription program. We now charge a tiny amount after our readers have enjoyed ten free reads per month.

We’ve likened it to a leap, and LEAP it has been as we risk finding out whether our many readers will pay 5 or 6 cents a day to keep what they say they love going. We’ve JUMPED into the free market, having decided against advertising, and feeling that more and more readers on the web are embracing the idea of paying for what they want, and want to protect, and that someone else’s labor is providing.

There are no safety rails to block our view, or our fall. But the big expansive view is thrilling as we see our Tinypass account go UP and DOWN unpredictably, and get heartening emails from readers.


If you enjoy our eccentric niche, if it gives value to your day and life, we hope you’ll become a Friend with Benefits. Publishing 4+ unique, mind-shifting articles a day is a more-than-full-time job. We can’t live without you.

via My Modern Met; photo via Digernes 

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2 replies on “What our Big Leap Feels Like, and Why

  1. help! I can’t log in; the system doesn’t recognize my email address or password. In case I mis-remembered my password, i typed in “forgot password” to re-set it, and it didn’t recognize the address. I tried my alternate addresses even though I’m sure I used the one above and it didn’t recognize any.
    I checked my bank statement and the $18 donation did go through—on June 6th—so please help me figure out how to get the system to recognize me.
    thank you!

  2. Hi, Sorry you’re having trouble. There’s a simple fix which we’ve mentioned in our Friends with Benefits FAQ: refresh your browser page 4 or 5 times. Sometimes an old page (with old info) is cached; this will help to clear it and give connect you to your current status.

    If you’re still having problems after doing that, please email me at [email protected].

    Thanks SO much for subscribing!

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