We recently came across the Frey Desk at Kickstarter, a flexible workspace that quickly transitions from sitting desk to drafting table to standing desk to easel. A vertical mast supports the desk and shelf. The shelf is handy for holding tools, books and speakers. The desk top is a spacious 30″ x 40″, perfect for a computer and large projects.

Frey’s modular workspace is decidedly brilliant and, to us, pretty homely. Nevermind. It’s design could be a jumping off point for forging our own. We LOVE Frey’s design thinking about how a creative person works, and learning about his own process in designing the workspace.  (Video link HERE.)

Frey writes:

“You do different things all the time. Projects develop in unforeseen ways. This single piece of furniture can accommodate a huge variety of creative processes. I use it to paint, create layout drawings, wire electronics, carve architectural ornaments, and as a computer desk. The shelf is handy for books and my stereo speakers. It’s great for the home or office. The desk is portable enough to take to a job site for architects and supervisors….”

Nathan Frey
Nathan Frey

…”It took a couple of years and a number of prototypes that resulted in something much more useful than the original intent.”

Frey Desk in Action


via Kickstarter

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2 replies on “Nathan Frey’s Briliant Modular Workspace

  1. I really want to make this! I would like to buy a plan or blueprint of it if I can?

  2. Hello, We just report on cool things; we don’t sell them. There is a drawing of the plan in the post you might print and see if it is followable.

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