Israeli designer Italy Ohaly recently created an installation at the Design Musium Holon of colorfully painted walls covered in black paper. Viewers were invited to scratch off the black paper to make unexpected colored patterns in the walls. It’s a roomsize iteration of the game Ohaly played as a kid “‘We filled a piece of paper with random and colorful doodles, covered it all with black and then etched on it to make a drawing.’  Hmmm we thought. Wonder how that could work in a house?

Then we found Tear-Off-Wallpaper.

ZNAK/Aldo Kroese, Studio Hausen
ZNAK/Aldo Kroese, Studio Hausen

It is designed to be pulled off your walls to reveal the colors underneath, creating a unique pattern. You can customize the design the wallpaper will make when torn AND experiment with the design by putting your own patterns or paints on the wall before applying (and then partially removing) the wallpaper.

In the image above, pull-off wallpaper was applied to this child’s “art.”

ZNAK/Aldo Kroese, Studio Hausen


If you wanted to, you could create a grittier version, like Ohaly’s installation above.

via Design Boom and Neatorama

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