This morning, we opened a book* randomly and read this haiku. Clear profit. We DO have that in the sky, friends, birds we see flying, our place filled with sun, and our daily interactions with our readers, who always surprise.

Can that profit pay the bills and all that goes into making Improvised Life? Not yet. And maybe not…The jury’s out.

We do know that a lot of people to wrote to say YES, we’re with you and have subscribed! They have been incredibly generous. And we also know that the thousands of people who visit us WAY more than our 10 free monthly reads have not yet subscribed.

We took a risk to see if our experiment to collaborate with our readers, crowd fund, steer clear of ads, and provide illuminating and quirky content daily will pay off.  But it’s a bit scary at times.  About ten percent of our readers disappeared once they hit their ten-free-reads-per-month (expected…less than we anticipated actually). And just after we learned that, two subscriptions for $50 each came in in the course of a minute.

Looks like we’ll zigzag our way for a while….

…with lots of questions…. like….

Do we PROVIDE clear profit?

And…what IS this stuff called money, really? Our friend Holton Rower makes art out of it!

Holton Rower, Untitled (money, PVC glue)
Holton Rower, Untitled (money, PVC glue)


*The Essential Haiku: Versions of Basho, Buson, & Issa (Essential Poets). Open it anywhere for a little miracle…




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