While we were writing about Karl Lagerfeld’s bathroom, we remembered an image of his library that we’d posted years ago. Lagerfeld seriously loves books and has found ways to house LOTS of them. We’re interested in how he arranged them. The interplay of vertical and horizontally stacked books makes for a pleasing graphical look while allowing for economical use of the space (he packs in a lot of books).


It’s an idea we’re going to files as we design our bed/library.

Todd Selby/The Selby
Todd Selby/The Selby

We have a lot of books to fit into a limited space…

4 replies on “Lagerfeld’s Libraries: Horizontal + Vertical Book Stacks

  1. He said it’s easier to read the titles that way .
    ( in some interview : )


  2. GREAT! Practical logic behind the design. Thank you!

  3. In my experience, horizontally stacked books are significantly more difficult to remove and re-shelve.

  4. I agree IF they’re stacked high.Lagerfeld seems to favor low stacks which makes the books pretty easy to access.

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