Recently we wrote about a slick renovation that sadly covered over a beautiful aged wall that would have made a wonderful addition. Since then, we found an interesting mix of marriage of old and new details by architect Karin Matz in a cost-conscious renovation of a Stockholm space that had been used as furniture storage for 30 years.

Matz literally split the space into two zones: one polished and finished, the other rough and old.

Karin Matz
Karin Matz

Since a big constraint was cost, the polished/finished space largely employed IKEA kitchen shelving units and plywood. Floors and walls were painted white to reflect light and make it look as expansive as possible. An elevated loft bed over ample storage is separated from the kitchen by a large glass pane. Shades pull down to close off kitchen and or/loft from the rest of the room.

The rough side had little work done save removing peeling wallpaper and chipping paint and adding some additional outlets. All furniture is freestanding.

Karin Matz
Karin Matz

Some areas of the apartment marry old and new as in this entranceway, above,  with the cleanly painted doors and floors with details of old walls intact.

We’re intrigued by the very conscious, clever split of two distinct styles — done and undone — which gives an almost historical perspective and organic quality to the small space.

See a whole house tour here.

via  Life Edited With thanks to Merete Mueller.

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