In our continueing search for examples of the incorporation of organic and decayed materials with modern functionality, we present Australian architect Raffaello Rosselli‘s lovely repurposing a corroding tin shed in Sydney to create a small office and studio apartment.

Raffaello Rosselli
Raffaello Rosselli

Rather than replace the crumbling structure, Raffaello Rossellichose to retain the rusty corrugated cladding of the two-storey building so that from the outside it looks mostly unchanged. He disassembled and set aside the shed while a new timber frame was erected. Then the  layers of corrugated iron were reassembled on three facades.


Corrugated Shed Original

Photo by Richard Carr
Photo by Richard Carr

Somehow the clean modern lines of the window frames marry perfectly with the geometry of the rusty corrugated metal.

Inspired and inspiring!


Check out the slideshow at  Dezeen

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