Somewhere in our massive virtual rambles, we came across the images of Yves Lecoq, one of the best photographic fantasists we’ve seen. His images seem absolutely real.

One of his ongoing themes is humans rigging ways to fly. That, of course, would be us.

Yves Lecoq
Yves Lecoq

We totally relate to “Victor Zobulovich, the inventor of the flying hat”, and the guy at top, who rigged a pulley system to suspend himself, weightless in air.

In fact, we’ve actually contemplated such a rig, as we have tried to solve the problem of a fierce vibration from some building mechanical that makes the bed vibrate, keeping us awake at night. We started trying to solve the problem from the ground up by putting the bed’s metal platform on stacks of yoga blocks and open-cell foam. (Stay-tuned for a post about it.)

Then we started thinking of ways to SUSPEND the bed, or make it —or ourselves — float in the air. We even looked up “hover bed”, and discovered that one has been invented, using magnets, and costs about $1.2 million.

hovercraft floating_bed_janjaap_ruijssenaars

We will keep imagining solutions. In the meantime, we keep this quote from artist Helen Fankenthaler in our heads:

There are no rules. That is how art is born, how breakthroughs happen. Go against the rules or ignore the rules. That is what invention is about. —Helen Frankenthaler



Frankenthaler’s words are the working principle we’ll use to find a solution…

Helen-Frankenthaler, Nature Abhors a Vacuum, National Gallery of Art Washington
Helen-Frankenthaler, Nature Abhors a Vacuum, National Gallery of Art Washington

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