We were really struck by this sign we found on Hedviggen. Burning bridges is a pretty intense thing to do, and it made us think hard about that idea, of being able NEVER to go back because of a bridge we’ve burned.

We do believe that in just about any action, there are always possibilities for redemption, although we can’t always know what they’ll be. That’s where the “light” part of the Hedviggen sign comes in.

We’re thinking we might modify that compelling matchbox a bit…MAY THE BRIDGES I BURN LIGHT THE WAY….



"Reflets" Yves Lecoq
“Reflets” Yves Lecoq

via Hedviggen

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2 replies on “May the Mistakes I Make Light the Way

  1. well , take it literally , it is actually true .

    how about : building a new bridge for the one we have burned (along the way )

    ‘May the love i feel light the way.’


    (always lovely to return to this place, here
    thank you )

  2. AH, what a good edit… It seems like we have the basic form(ula) for prayers of various sorts.

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