These distressed, pastel painted wood panels from Urban Outfitters are enchanting, but why not use the idea as a springboard for a summer DIY project to install anywhere in the house or garden?

I can see them nailed to an exterior wall peeking through some ferns, adding a spash of color to a forgotten, shady corner of the garden or deck.

As a modernist, Baby’s Block quilt installed on the wall of a child’s room.

Or as stunning art pieces, stacked cheek-by-jowl, floor to ceiling in an entry hall. Why not turn the Pyramid sideways to make an arrow?

All you need to recreate these panels is some salvaged wood, painter’s masking tape, a variety of brushes, and little jars of Valspar interior satin paints, available in a plethora of lucious Pantone colors for $3.98 online at Lowes.

Then copy Urban Outfitters’ simple way of afixing them to a wall…

Go, go, Van Gogh!

Susan Dworski

via SF Girl by the Bay

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