Years ago, we clipped this image from a design blog thinking: How lovely that looks, in its minimalist setting. Then we imagined lying on a swinging bed hung in a nook so near to a wall and could feel how jarring it would be if/when the suspended bed actually hit the wall.  Much better it be a hammock placed so its arc would miss the wall but you could use the wall to push off…

Then we stumbled on a“Another Use for Old Chairs: Turn Them Into Swings” in Unconsumption, featuring old chairs that people had  literally suspended, mostly from trees. And that reminded us of designer/inventor Dominic Wilcox’s Arm Chair Swing, which he hung from the rafters of his work space.  He shows you the design problems he encountered, and how he solved them to make a gun, usable, REAL swing chair:

Dominic Wilcox
Dominic Wilcox

Look at him go! (Video link HERE.)

We also like this one with ropes threaded through the chair and legs cut off.

Nancy Wallace/sassynancy Pinterest
Nancy Wallace/sassynancy Pinterest

Imagine the possibilities for suspending cool chairs from something sturdy…a tree if you don’t have rafters…

Imagine this baby:






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