(Video link HERE.)  There is something enchantingly low-tech and intimate about artist James Proseck‘s painstaking process of making this wonderful, public wall mural: painting bird silhouettes a la Field Guide series of nature books. His technique is very interesting and could easily be applied to the walls of any interior or exterior space – bedroom, dining room, patio, pool house, you name it.

We’ve excerpted a saliant chunk of the rather long, slow video. It shows not only Proseck’s technique but delves into his view of what it means to “see” nature, a practice that can be cultivated.

The beauty of being human is the friction between the named world and the unnamed world. That world that’s named is the world where our minds and language kicks in. The unnamed world is that world that we all experience when we lose ourselves in Nature.

Proseck’s basic technique involves outlining bird silhouettes and filling in with thick black paint on paper or canvasses We are reminded of the process we posted of a recreation of Matisse-like wall murals.

Matisse inspired tree wall

And Matisse’s La Negresse is pure knockout inspiration.



Intrigued? View Proseck’s full video HERE.


via Susan Dworski

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