If we had to sum up the past few months with a single image, it would be this one. We’ve been roping a wild horse — life — and trying our best to go with it as we launched our Friends with Benefits subscription service and Improvised Life’s Store, saw a dear friend through a major health crisis, and navigated a recent, unexpected crisis with another. Many challenges to be sure.

We’re deeply tired and need to recharge and regroup. We’ll be back full of beans just after Labor Day as we put into practice an essential principle of an improvised life: creativity needs rest unlocked

We plan to take a stay-cation: staying home in NYC but treat it as thought we are a visitor and doing all the things we’ve wanted to do but couldn’t because we were always working so hard. We plan to just WANDER, visit some art shows, bike, nap, work on some projects, go for a sail on the mighty Hudson, check out some restaurants AND enjoy the ever-amazing local action. Crab Man Mike will bring the Maryland coast to our table.

For our Friends with Benefits subscribers, we’ve hatched a plot to give good weight, which we’ll outline in the next post.

Photo above sent to us by frequent contributor, Susan Dworski, who knows us well.

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