Monday evening of Labor Day, we could positively FEEL the shift of air and energy as the entire country grabbed every last BIT before the official end of summer. In the park we look out on, there was SERIOUS barbecue action, music, dancing, LIFE going on. We spent the day hanging on the terrace reflecting on our three-week stay-cation that turned out way different than we had imagined.

If we had to make a list, we’d say it would be 50-50 sublime pleasures — long lunches at wonderful restaurants, wandering without a schedule, hanging out with friends,  catching up on projects we’ve long put aside — and difficulties that demanded attention —a mysterious vibration that shakes us awake in the middle of the night (wait till we report on our wild machinations to solve THAT problem), and the reality sandwiches of running a website in a fiercely competitive virtual frontier.

We realize ow that no matter what we did for our summer vacation, or where we went, this would be the big lesson:

        Moon, plum blossoms,
this, that, 
        and the day goes.

Written by the Japanese poet Issa in the 18th century, this little poem echoes and echoes and echoes, and gives us the perspective we need as time flew and so much we wanted to do didn’t get done, and so much unexpected did.

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider

Stay tuned for our pilot-light tomato experiments…

With thanks to Holton Rower for the parachute picture find!

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9 replies on “Re-entry…What We Learned On Our Summer Stay-cation

  1. So delighted to welcome your return to my inbox!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sally,
    So glad to hear that your time off was was truly a refreshing change of pace. Delicious.
    Wonderful to have you back.
    Have you solved the vibration problem?
    Robert Celmer is a prof at the Univ of Hartford. One of his specialities is noise/vibration control.
    He may have insight into a solution.
    Jeanne F

  3. Welcome back! A perfect way to kick off September.

  4. Welcome back home…home page; our home; home with a heart; home work; heart work!.

    “.Stay” or ” away”-cation you are a part of our homes and hearts!

  5. Hi Marilyn, I think there’s some confusion here (and I need to figure out a way to clear it up on the site). Subscribing to the Friends with Benefits does not automatically sign you up for the daily email. That is free to everyone; it gives a summary with images of the most recent posts. You can sign up by clicking the red WAKE UP TO IMPROVISED LIFE Badge on the homepage. Or by filling out this form . Be sure to look for the verification email that will be sent to you, and click on the link (it makes sure you are not spam). Then you’ll wake up to the email daily in your inbox.

  6. I am SO very touched by the many welcomes on my first morning back. I have to have the MOST amazing and generous readers in all the blogospere. Thank you deeply.

  7. This is an arena I have been hoping you would explore. I would LOVE it if Improvised Life could spark some ideas or shed light on resources to lessen the impact of obtrusive noise in our homes. I notice that Jeanne F has actually provided contact info for an expert in this field. Any updates?

  8. I’ve been working hard on the problem of VIBRATION, not actual noise right now. I have yet to reach out to the person Jeanne F mentioned (but did listen to the interview with him). Meanwhile, have been doing all sorts of tests of new materials to try to dampen the vibration in my apartment. But I will cover that and sound soon, as I’m going to be installing a bookshelf unit and plan to soundproof. Thanks for the nudge.

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