Photographer Ellen Silverman has a particularly fine eye for inspriational adhoc street signs. We love this wall she sent recently, whose messages resonate deeply with where we are right NOW. They are at once like stripped-down haiku, meditations and essential reminders…

Ellen Silverman
Ellen Silverman




Ellen Silverman
Ellen Silverman




We love that someone took the time to create this beautiful wall and chose its messages, not knowing who or how they would resonate…

…someone clearing practicing “random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.

Thanks Ellen!!!


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2 replies on “Inspiring Signs Written on a Random Wall

  1. Dear Sally,

    Others have expressed similar gratitudes, now it’s my turn!

    First of all, I’m so happy that you enjoyed your Stay-Cation.
    You are a role model of “sane break-taking” for the rest of us.
    Thank you! We all need to be reminded that the earth will not spin off axis
    if we unplug for a day, a week, or even longer…..

    I’ve been following IL for some years, and finally became a “friend” several months ago.
    Like many of your readers, I start my day with a cup of coffee and your email. I’m always curious to see what it holds; a chuckle, a reconsideration, an inspiration?

    In June I undertook a sudden and unexpected relocation to assist a family member.
    Of course, all usual routines have been put aside. There hasn’t been much down time, not to mention “creative solitude”. There are a few constants, however…Along with a spiritual practice I struggle to maintain, IL is right up there as one of my “lifelines”. It is a valued resource and a daily reminder of how it’s always possible to see things differently.

    It is clear how much thoughtful energy goes into this work.
    Thank you for my daily tonic, and all your efforts,

    L. T.

  2. Dear LT,
    I don’t know how to thank you for your words. They come at a time of much soul-searching as, after many years, I try to figure out how to navigate keeping Improvised Life in the world, and have many questions. I am honored to have Improvised Life considered a “life line”, and to receive such kind and thoughtful words. They serve as a kind of “fuel” for me, to keep following the path and many questions that have come up… to know that this strange work I do resonates with such an amazing group of people.
    With heartfelt thanks,

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