Annaleen Karlsson of Annaleenas Hem  came up with this DIY room divider for La Petite Magazine. It’s not a new concept, but a tried and true one: You attach hinges to two boards of the same height and width, painted or finished as you like.

Our old friend Tom Booth made a two-panel screen almost the height of his ceiling. He placed it in a corner of the living room and hid all sorts of things he needed access to but didn’t want to see daily: extra folding chairs and tables for dinner parties, boxes on their way to the stroage room etc…). It gave the room a sleek, modern look. Because there are only two panels, it looks curiously UNscreen-like

Annaleena used particle board. We’d use plywood because particle screws usually pull out of particle board over time. Although you can use many kinds of hinges, including door hinges, we like narrow stainless or brass piano hinges that run the entire span of the joint.

Because the screen is basically a big flat surface, you can also turn it into a painting…


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One thought on “DIY Two-Panel Room Divider

  1. Particle board?? It must weigh a ton.

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