Just about everyone we know is pretty ruthless when it comes to judging THEMSELVES. And those judgments can derail projects and the creative process in general, stopping us from pushing through to doing what we need to.

We loves this simple practice from wise old Seth Godin. The gist: apply compassion to yourself for all the things you think are so terrible (NOT!) all the while continuing to try to do what’s important and meaningful to you.

Forgive yourself and stay the course.

It seems an especially good reminder for today, September 11…to spread light within ourselves and without.

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2 replies on “Practice: Forgive Yourself and Keep Trying

  1. Hey, so you send me the email bulletins, which is great, but I cant always read them there and then, so now I am going through them all since spring, and…. I have a block unless I subscribe because I am accessing more than the 10 free ones per month. Hmm. I can’t even access the post where you are talking about the Improvised Leap and explaining what and how the system works – because I am now blocked!

    I totally see that you need to earn some money out of all this work that you are putting in, but did you think about allowing your subscribers (whether fee paying or not) access to the material that you are sending them, when they signed up for free originally. Kind of a two tier approach: give your free daily email with one post on it that people can access for free and then give options to see more and subscribe, rather than blocking and kind of forcing… Your invitation for people to sign up for a free daily email needs clarification from the outset, I think. Hope this feedback helps.

  2. Hi, thanks for your feedback. I’ve been looking into various ways of navigating Improvised Life so it can continue to live in the world and an email system is part of it. The most efficient email system we’ve found so far is to send anyone who wants it a summary so they can click on whatever interests them. Just sending out one email doesn’t seem like it would show the span of what’s going on in a day here. Including entire posts in the emails was busting the limits of our free email system, and the paid for one is too costly for right now. I’ll look into clarifying how are emails work.

    To find out how our subscription service works, you have only to click on our Friends with Benefits Page.

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