We are big fans of 99U and have found quite a few ideas that foster productivity. Some of their posts definitely do not. They got us thinking about all the “sure-fire advice” from supposed experts that we find on the internet, and how easy it is to think we’re doing things wrong.

Here’s an example:
“By waking up just 30 minutes early and jumping right into the work, we can block our mental editor from hindering the idea-generating process. “

NOT. That is, NOT FOR US. That half hour of sleep is crucial to us. We’ve found that not getting enough sleep hinders our creative efforts.


Here’s another from Hedviggen via illuminating wild man writer Hunter. S. Thompson:


We’ve learned from experience that lots of bad things can get our blood racing so we’re steering clear of that one. We’ve learned to ponder “juicy, blood-racing” ideas a bit before leaping.


The big lession: Run EVERYTHING through your own unique ourself to see if its true or not. And doing that means listening deeply, observing, testing out what works for you.


via 99U and hedviggen.tumblr.com

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