Recalling Virginia del Giudice‘s recent post on using needlework to cover holes in vintage garments, Susan Dworski alerted us to an inspiring iteration on the theme of embroidery fixes:

These tiny, realistic, crewel animalitos by British illustrator Chloe Giordano could be cloying, but instead they’re endearing little critters, the delightful result of an artist’s trained eye, meticulous craft, and a whole lot of patience. I’d love to send her some of my faded, hole-y blue workshirts and let her go to town on them, wouldn’t you? That snoozing fawn in process looks like he swam right up out of the fabric!  —Susan Dworski


Embroidery Redux Fawn Triptych

Embroidery Redux Mouse

For inspiration, check out Lorraine Loots’ miniature paintings, each one smaller than a coin.

Lorraine Loos
Lorraine Loots

Lorraine Loots
Lorraine Loots

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