Susan Dworski sent us an email recently with images of a dish from Green Kitchen Stories: Shakshuuka with Hummus and Sweet Potato Chips,  and this note:

We eat Shakashuka for Sunday night supper at leasst twice a month. Or more.
My recipe is very similar to this one, but their hummus sounds great. And the chips.

TELL US ABOUT IT, we wrote back. WHAT’S SHAKSHUKA??!!! How do you like to eat it?

Here’s what she wrote:

It’s sort of a thick tomato stew, spiced with paprika and whatever else you like, with eggs cooked into it so their yolks are still soft.

I’ve never eaten it swirled in hummus. That looks interesting.
This is the way I make it, via boring old Sunset mag… but!… 

Layout 1
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…I add a whole bunch of Penzey’s spices to sass it up. Vindaloo, Black & Red spice, Maharajah, anything I feel like it. 

I used canned green poblano chilis because I’m lazy. (Ed: A woman after our own hearts!!!)

I add a bunch more eggs than they call for, and sometimes mix a tablespoon of flour with the tomatoes once it gets bubbling on the stove top to give it a thin, puff pastry crust on the bottom. After a few minutes I shove the frying pan in the oven and bake it like a casserole, serve it with thick, Lebanese shallot yogurt on top smothered in lots of fresh, chopped cilantro.

Slices of toasted, buttery French bread add crispiness and are great for dipping into the tomatoes and eggs.

Oh, and a simple arugula and romaine salad with olive oil, pear vinegar and lemon dressing on the side.

Maybe an ice cold, sliced pear drizzled with lemon juice and a thin wedge of dark chocolate for dessert.

Lots of lycopene in those cooked tomatoes. An altogether satisfactory meal!

You can improvised on Susan’s 2009 Sunset recipe that uses fresh Roma tomatoes (still in season now) OR check out Green Kitchen’s riff on the classic Israeli dish at Design Sponge. They use canned plum tomatoes and embellish it with Homemade Hummus and Baked Sweet Potato Chips.

Susan’s right. It sounds GREAT.

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  1. I could eat eggs–and potatoes–every day, but I don’t! Love this round-up.

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