I’ve been collecting a stash of graffiti images for a while. They range from cutie kitsch to angry gangbanger to political harangues. The ones I like best combine existing natural foliage with painted images and play around with scale—large and small—creating an improvised, witty, public art gallery.

Foliage Graffiti 2

Street corn, or street porn? If it puts a smile on my face, I’ll play…

Foliage Graffiti 3

…mysterious sidewalk sneak:

Foliage Graffiti 7

…a dramatic shift in scale:

Foliage Graffiti 4


…a fabulously big hair-do:

Foliage Graffiti 5

…fabulously BIGGER hair-do:

Foliage Graffiti 6

…and finally, a poignant little trompe l’oeil with summer’s last remaining leaf…

Foliage Graffiti 8

Susan Dworski

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3 replies on “Trees and Foliage Inspire Street Art

  1. These are wonderful! Thanks for the uplift!

  2. I’m sorry that I can’t afford to belong to your website.
    I shall miss its brilliance!

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