(Video link HERE.Barclay Moore is a woodworker who was fed up with broken sawhorses. So he designed is own and knocked prototypes out of plywood. Then he created a Kickstarter to raise money to sell his invention. The project, he says, developed out of necessity (as many great inventions do).

What interests us most are all the constraints that his design had to work within, and the demands it needed to fulfill. Check out this list:

– It cannot break, must last years, have great value,
-it has to fold for storage,
-it has to be able to stay outside in the rain,
-it has to be as light as possible,
-it has to accept add-on accessories,
-it has to incorporate a step/shelf that you can stand on…..really stand on,
-it has to be precisely cut out by a computer controlled router.
-it has to be esthetically pleasing to look at, wood, not plastic.

What started as rough drawings on paper…

Barclay Moore
Barclay Moore

…evolved into a workable, flat-pack, storable saw-horse…

Barclay Moore
Barclay Moore

One iteration can also be a foot stool…

Barclay Moore
Barclay Moore

You can buy Moore’s plan kit and built it yourself or buy the finished item directly from him.

We think one would look swell painted high gloss…yellow?

via Core 77

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2 replies on “Clever, Strong Folding Sawhorses to DIY or Buy

  1. These look quite nice! I use a pair of those plastic ones, and they don’t seem to break for me. I guess I’m not working as hard as he is! Seriously though, this is a nice looking design and I could see making a pair of slightly lower ones to have in the closet as trestles for an emergency banquet tables. Or for holding up a casket at a wake.

  2. I like them for his design-thinking. I think they’d be a good general model to run with. If you end up doing anything along these lines, please send pix. But I hope you’re not having cause to hold up too many caskets…

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