We use Kraft paper all the time for jobs around the house — as a big page to block out ideas, a drawable tablecloth, decoratable wrapping paper, table protection when doing messy projects, and desk blotter/notepad. Right now, we have the roll standing upright in our tool closet. When we need paper, we have to unroll it and cut with a utility knife. Having easy access for when the mood/need hits would be a boon.

So we are really taken with George & Willy’s Studio Roller a wall-mounted, kraft paper roll dispenser that easily lets you pull out a section of paper when you need it.

Kraft Wall-Mount 2

It would be great in a kitchen, work room, or kid’s room for impromptu projects…

Kraft Wall-Mount 3

It’s footprint can be customized:

Kraft Wall-Mount 4

We found a less expensive version here

yellow Kraft paper + dispenser

Along with the discovery of yellow kraft paper!

6 replies on “Cool Wall-Mounted Kraft Paper Dispenser

  1. Elizabeth, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I swapped out the link for the German store…MUCH easier.

  2. What’s the link to the cheaper Kraft paper dispenser with yellow paper?

  3. Just follow the link above the image and type “Kraft paper” into the Search box.

  4. I just purchased a 40 inch wide roll of craft paper. Do you have holders that would accommodate this?

  5. I think you must mean a 48″-inch wide roll, as 40″ is not a standard size. There are some cool kraft paper dispensers here, including a black one and a couple of vertical models, which would allow you to keep it in a closet. If your roll is 40″ wide, I’m sure they’d accomodate it.

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