Note to Self:

Starting NOW, practice noticing what I notice.


What am I tuned into? 

Through what filter am I viewing things?

What’s of real interest, gives true pleasure?

What are judgements? 

Is there another way of viewing, doing things, 

a shift that could be made…

…a different route to take, in this moment? 


via Hedviggen

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One thought on “Tiny Powerful Practice: Notice What You Notice

  1. To notice what you are noticing, three things are required:

    1. Impartiality
    2. Simultaneity
    3. Objectivity

    Therefore, in my opinion, it is a mistake to make judgements or think about how to change – at least, for a long time. One needs to accumulate an album of “mental photographs” first before one can see the true patterns of our lives. A good practice here is to do some simple habitual task differently – brush your teeth with your left hand, for instance. As you do so, “notice what you are noticing.”

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