The Floyd Shelf Bracket is a clever tool that allows you create a shelf from any flat surface by simply installing the brackets on a wall and clamping them to the material. With them, you can turn all sorts of interesting materials into shelving and switch out surfaces whenever you find something neat and new (or old).


The brackets come in a variety of bright finishes that sparkle up whatever you pair them with:


The folks at Floyd got the idea for the bracket AFTER they’d designed an infinitely mutable, very cool clamp table leg, that turns about any flat surface into a stylish table (coffee table height or dining table). The essential clamp idea of the leg morphed into a shelf bracket. Fantastic!

Floyd Brackets Blue

What we love most about Floyd’s inventions is that you can transform all sorts of stuff into furniture:

Floyd gif

They even used the legs to make a ping-pong table out of a sheet of plywood.

You can buy Floyd’s great inventions here. For us, they’re worthwhile investments that allow you to rig a stylish table, bench or shelf with just about whatever is at hand.

via Weburbanist; With thanks to Fast Forward


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4 replies on “Floyd’s Ingenious, Mutable Bracket & Table Leg Designs

  1. I’m smitten! Thinking of all sorts of applications for around my house. I love how you find these amazingly useful and beautiful items to feature.

  2. Glad you like it. I seem to have an eye attuned to tools and materials that can do many things, as I love to be able to change and evolve them.

  3. How can I purchase these legs. This is just what I’ve been searching for to make my dining room table

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