If we wanted to knock off an easy and utterly charming holiday food gift tonight, we’d make the beautiful homemade marshmallows we saw featured on Kitchen Repertoire, our friends Francis Boswell and Dana Gallagher’s lovely food site.

For kids or adults, there is nothing like homemade marshmallows, to eat as-is, float in cocoa or cafe au lait (heresy!) OR skewar onto a cooking fork and “brûlée” over a flame until golden brown or charred.

Check out Kitchen Repertoire’s simple, reliable recipe, which is made with readily available ingredients.  You can use all manner of flavorings (our favorite, vanilla bean). If you don’t have time to order cello bags (we keep a supply on hand, sources here), you can wrap the big squares in wax paper and tie with a ribbon, or convince a bakery or gourmet store to sell you their pastry boxes or bags for .10 —.25 a piece.

Dana Gallagher
Dana Gallagher

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