Marella Consolini, who has been reading Improvised Life years, sent us this email:
The evidence of the impact that  Improvised Life/you have had on my life is such that there is a new name that I have for certain types of experiences — “An Improvised Life Moment.”
For example: this morning on the subway, already squashed like a sardine on the L train, just as the ‎doors were closing ONE MORE person threw himself, mosh-pit-like, on top of us….you know the drill. Made me cranky. So I’m standing there, my entire right side glued to the subway door, arms pinned to my side being a cranky sardine, when “what to my wondering eyes should appear” but a teeny, tiny fluorescent red heart drawn on the door. Glowing! Beckoning! Practically beating, it was so vibrant I felt it was delivering a message (I’m being dramatic for effect here, I am not a crazy person.)
I took a deep breathe, thought kind thoughts about love, spontaneity, patience, and little gifts that get delivered in crazy ways in crazy places…my crankiness subsided, my pulse slowed, I got off the train with a little smile on my face. An Improvised Life Moment.

We love hearing of Marella’s unexpected shift of view, which can only really come if you are open to it. And being open is a practice.

We are honored to find Improvised Life resonating….and knocked out AGAIN by our readers.

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