At the compellingly odd blog Under the Sun, we stumbled on an gorgious interior with messily painted, canvas like walls in what appeared to be an Italian Villa. We follwed the trail to discover it was from an article Vogue magazine ran in 1966, about artist Cy Twombly’s villa in Rome. The photographs were by fashion photographer Horst. The walls we thought so beautifully, haphazardly painted, were really Twombly’s canvasses.

He’d tack them right onto the wall —no wooden stretchers — and paint.


Inspired. As is the combination of studio and normally-uptight classical chairs.

Though we could never paint like Twombly, they make us want to pin swaths of canvas on our walls….


Horst had an eye for the odd…like the beautiful, sculpture of a tangle of electrical wires in his portrait of Twombly…a lesson in leaving things alone.

For more on Vogues amazing portrait of the reclusive artist, read here.


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