In the wee hours of Monday morning, our server went down, causing the morning’s post to go undelivered and Improvised Life to be offline for most of the day. This was the worst of a number of outages that occurred during the past month.

Although it wasn’t our fault (it was a DDoS attack designed to interrupt the host’s service), we are sorry to have disappeared, are back, and offer Christoph Niemann’s wondrous rose from a recent New Yorker cover as our thanks for being there. Click read more to see it as a gif in action.


After HOURS on the web host’s chatline, we have been assured that Improvised Life’s online presence will be secure going forward. It remains to be seen. The frustrating part of it was not being able to communicate with our readers to let them know what is going on.  If you should find the site down again — and we hope not — please check out Improvised Life’s Facebook for info.

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