In Yummy Moon, artist Yona Lee uses 450 partially eaten Nilla Wafers to depict the different phases of the Moon. She turned one of the most ordinary of commercial cookies into…something rather beautiful and cosmic.

nilla moon 03

She used a projector to map the image and match the shape of the cookies to various shapes needed to display the Moon’s phases…

nilla moon 02

…Then we guess, she ate a lot of Nilla Wafers

nilla moon 04

We’re thinking what a party it would make, to get a bunch of Nilla wafers OR make a bunch of round homemade butter cookies, and have all your friends take the perfect bites, until you get





via Laughing Squid 

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3 replies on “Nilla Wafer Phases of the Moon…Party?

  1. simple

    is simple

    possible song for this or the moon :

    Happy full moon,

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