Man Repeller’s recent round-up of popular workout options was peppered with wonderful gifs of exercises you can do anywhere. They take our penchant for improvised plein air exercise to a fab, curiously useful extreme. The memorable images show your really CAN be working out sans gym or special equipment/clothes. 

An exercise you can do while waiting for the subway:subway-dance

An exercise (butt lifts!) you can do while checking nutritional facts on a Kashi box:

An exercise (thigh lifts) you can do using your coworker’s shoulders as a bar:

An exercise (jumping high knees) you can do while crossing the street:

An exercise (push ups) you can do wherever Citi Group sponsored bikes are stationed:


Well, what are you waiting for?

via ManRepeller

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One thought on “5 Funny, Fab, Do-able Exercise Anywhere GIFS

  1. THANK you (and Man Repeller) for the great LOL this morning. Much needed lift – and little reminders to embrace our inner silliness are always so important 🙂

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