(Video link here.) Over the years, we’ve published quite a few of artist/inventor/designer Domnic Wilcox‘s brilliant rethinking of ordinary objects, documented on his site Variations on Normal. We love that Wilcox constantly challenges “normal” because “normal” is often so terribly limiting. And as Wilcox shows, its FUN and illuminating to think outside the normal box.

Reinvention of Normal is 7 minutes of pure joy AND inspiration as we get to see Wilcox’s process. The best: his dad’s insight into his son’s work and LIFE:

I wouldn’t call them crazy. I would say they’re imaginative. And just off the wall…I’ve always said that’s life. Rather than walk in this straight…Just go off the wall and do things”

Wilcox has compiled his variations on normal into a book Variations on Normal. We practice his philosophy at Improvised Life:

Dominic Wilcox quote

via Swiss Miss 


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