As we scroll through design sites, we periodically spot some new gadget for keeping ugly computer wires in check: reels that wind them up, dongles that collect them behind your desk… Perhaps the BEST improvisation we’ve seen is in Christoph Niemann’s workspace. The inspired illustrator/artist/author disguised an ugly black cable by placing a black and white image behind it: perfect.

Another recent favorite is IKEA’s Kvissle Cable management box: a lacquered white metal box with a cork top.

Ikea kvissle-cable-management-box-white__0136818_PE294708_S4

Holes at the sides and top allow cords to come and go as they hide.

Ikea kvissle-cable-management-box 2 L

We’ve found the minimalist box perfect for hiding our makeup essentials in the bathroom, while providing quick access for a lipstick touch-up:

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider

Our improvised solution to the mess of wires behind our swell 13-foot long workspace was a single sheet of leftover Foamcore pushed behind the file cabinets to make a false, optical-illusion white wall under our desk.

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider

Foamcore has provided excellent quick fixes to hide a host of ugly details around our space.

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