One of the most wondrous website’s we’ve seen lately is Cloudreporter, a site of cloud images that readers have submitted, with an unobtrusive sliding note that tells who took it, the location and date. Some of them have titles like Clouds Hanging Low or Summer in SF, or a poetic notation like “evening sky over the Baltic sea: water, ship, air plane and a vast sky canvas” taken from the Darrs Peninsula in the Baltic sea (above). All you have to do is swipe to see a wondrous new cloud…

They remind us of Dave Van Ronk singing “Both Sides Now“, perfect for listening while you look.

Clouds By Lirik Lozenets, Bulgaria

…It makes you AWARE of clouds, and to look at them when you’re out (and that YOU can be a cloud reporter too)…

Clouds by snowwhite  Belgrade, Serbia

…But let’s you float your mind into them when you’re in…

Clouds Sky above Lengerich GermanyStefan Herringslack

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now,
from up and down, and still somehow
it’s cloud illusions I recall.
I really don’t know clouds at all.
—Joni Mitchell

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One thought on “Stick your Head in the Clouds!!

  1. Thank you for this link.

    Sally, next time you are in New Haven, stop in to see the mesmerizing collection of cloud paintings displayed at the British Art Center, across the street from the Yale University Art Gallery. The mostly small oil paintings are by the English romantic painter, John Constable. Apparently, many of these studies took him only an hour or so to paint as the inscriptions on the back indicate the time. The paintings are one of my favorite collections at Yale and another reminder, as you suggest, to stop, look and truly SEE our surroundings.

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