Throughout my school age years I kept ratty composition notebooks with me at nearly all the time. I used them to record lists, illustrations, ideas, and poetry. These books were a way to combine artistic enjoyment and organization. Google Keep, an app available at the Google Play Store or through iTunes, is my modern version of that. It is a canvas for lists and notes-to-be color-coded, archived, tagged, and illustrated. It’s accessible on desktop, laptop AND mobile devices and immediately synchronizes through your gmail account with no fuss (SCORE!).  The effect is something like a very personal Pinterest board and a planner on steroids.

My categories vary from the very practical to very playful:

To Do list for an upcoming art showhem dress

Reading List Widow Basquait

Dream projects for somedaydesign matchboxes

Overly Ambitious Goals ...sell a painting to Kanye West

Mira Serrano Keras
Mira Keras

Sad ThoughtsI’d rather not say

Questionsshould I dye my hair navy?

Insults for a bully at workyou have the manners of a squirrel

Spring Wardrobeutility jumpsuit and a bikini top

Mira Serrano Keras
Mira Keras

Illustrators Artists and PaintersEgon Schiel

Ballet ScheduleTuesdays 6:30pm

Target Shopping ListTissues

Kindness reminders to myselfsend thank you notes for every little thing

Mira Serrano Keras
Mira Keras

Things to buy and make for sisters Quincierapaper flower crowns

Plan to take over the world involving burlesque dancing and drag queens

Totally Bullshitscreenshots of annoying Facebook posts on motherhood

The Best Minutesthe take off in Alaska

Mira Serrano Keras
Mira Keras

I apply images to nearly all lists, even the more practical ones. Google Keep reminds me of a scrap-book that makes my to-do list more interesting. The combination of boring things I need to look at, funny random thoughts, and really huge personal dreams in this one space make it one I want to frequent. Thumbing through when I  need to focus and/or play keeps my eyes on my goals both big and small.

Try it out, tell us about what keeps you playfully organized, and feel free to suggest categories.

Mira Keras

Not sure how Google Keep works? Check out this short video.(Video link here.)

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