(Video link here.)  The outlets of the “charging station” in the little foyer of my Harlem space are seriously overtaxed by devices and too many visible cords snaking out of the countertop outlet.

So I was happy to discover the Portiko Extension Cord, a 6-foot extension cord with two outlets and two USB ports. I can plug it into the outlet hidden in the doorless cabinet (post with pix coming soon) to charge all my devises there, sight unseen. 

Portiko extension cord

I’ve devised clever ways to hide power cords at my work space, but ready-access to the ones that need regular charging is essential. In bold blue or white, the Portiko is pretty enough to happily display. It comes with a magnetic adhesive plate so you can mount it under a desk.

Portiko extension cord ($24.95) just became available on Amazon, in time for Father’s Day.

Editor’s Note: I thought the Portiko would be the perfect traveling companion until I saw the size and weight. I am going to test it out when I fly again to see if its ability to help me avoid toggling various devices — phone, iPad, noise-cancelling headphones — on my airline seat’s single power port, is worth lugging it. Or if THAT particular need requires another solution.


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