(Video link here.) Occasionally we like to take our mind off things by checking out unusual houses, shacks, cabins online. We found a trove at this YouTube channel, and love the tiny cubes designed for viewing the stars that have been cropping up in vineyards and orchards in France.

We’re not sure what the different is between a “skyviewing cube” and any other tiny house, except for the skylights and placement in a field where they sky will be dark…AND the magic of living in a vineyard.  But the idea is GREAT: To make a practice checking in with the stars above each night…


…which you can do in city or country. We’ve dragged a sofa mattress out onto our Harlem terrace to lie on and view the stars. And we know of other urban rooftop “parlors” where this practice is enjoyed…


We once spent the night watching shooting stars while lying on the dock at a friend’s summer lake house. We lay on an air mattress and bundled up under quilts. Magic!

J.P. London/Velvet Night Dock

We also confess to loving star and constellation apps like Star Walk and Starmap (for IOS only)

On your screen, they recreate the sky above you, calculated from your GPS coordinates. They show you where the stars, moon, planets and other heavenly bodies are, rotating and panning as you move your phone. By holding your phone UP, these apps afford instant access to what stars or galaxies you’re looking at.


We’re going to do some skyviewing this holiday weekend…

Velvet Night Dock Mural, above, available at Amazon

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