If any image speaks volumes about America’s strangely innovative spirit, it is this image of the Statue of Liberty created out of 18,000 soldiers and officers in 1918.

Wishing you a glorious Independence Day!

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2 replies on “Happy 4th of July from Improvised Life

  1. Sally, sadly the link to the water bottles for solar light does not seem to work. Happy Fourth of July anyway! Here in San Diego we barbqued fresh wild caught salmon from Alaska and I made the improved wicked chocolate cake and decorated it so look like a flag, of course.

  2. Hi Susan, I’m not sure which link you are referring to. Is it Invent to Thrive, Plastic Bottles of Daylight or another one. Please let me know and I will try to fix the link.

    I envy your wild caught salmon and am thrilled to hear you made the chocolate cake. Thanks for the headsup!

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