(Video link here.) Experimental vibraphonist Masayoshi Fujita‘s Tears of Unicorn seems like perfect music for starting the morning, or refreshing the day. Somehow watching him play in that big loft makes us feel like he is playing for US. Fujita’s process is compelling:

I don’t take time to look for a new way of playing,” says the Berlin-based Fujita, whose previous solo project El Fog brought together layers of digital and analogue noise using beads and strips of foil, “but I sometimes encounter it by chance.”

“layers of digital and analogue noise using beads and strips of foil” made us want to know more. We found a trove of music from El Fog to listen to here, as well as this lovely video of Masayoshi playing the vibraphone with a violin bow.  (Video link here.)


Fujita’s album Apologues, from which the meditative “Tears of Unicorn” is taken will be released in September.

(An apologue, by the way, is a moral fable, especially one with animals as characters.)

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  1. By some accident both videos played at the same time – wow!

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