We found this image on Yoko Ono’s instagram.

“The hand is stamping “PEACE” on the map. Yes. We try. yoko”


Wonderful words. Part of Ono’s Peace Maps, in which you…

Walt Panorama
Walt Panorama

Stamping PEACE all over town would make lovely graffiti.

 Mikihiko Hori/Flickr
Mikihiko Hori/Flickr


via Yoko Ono’s Instagram; peace stamp image via Mikihiko Hori’s Flickr

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2 replies on “Rubber Stamp Brilliance: Yoko Ono’s Peace Map

  1. I really like the idea of stamping peace all over town…seems such a cool, pacific message we don’t get enough of these days. Wonder where I could find such a stamp? How fun to see it here and there indoors and out!

  2. Hmmm, we may need to have a peace stamp made….

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