Designer Laura Handler, whose chic Montana cabin and cool teeny ‘everything’ vial we’ve featured, sent us images her latest brilliance. The Harlem building in which she recently renovated her apartment is having the bricks repointed, which is seriously messy work. To keep dust OUT, Laura first made a barrier of blue painter’s tape around her (very cool) Quirky air conditioner Wrote Laura:

Those chic Quirky Air Conditioners (obviously iPhone-influenced design) have side panels that leak air like crazy.
The incoming dust would be drifting in…dunes…..
I first put 3M Painter’s Tape (the best quality they make) figuring I could live with it – but it has to be the worst blue there is..
Laura Handler
Laura Handler

So I put Duck Brand Checker Printed Duct Tape on top of it – important to have painters tape under – otherwise the sticky stuff would never come off.

Laura Handler
Laura Handler

Seriously fab!

As for the swell-looking Quirky air conditioner, here are Laura’s comments:

My Quirky is supposed to be a smart A/C – which means that you can program it on your phone on the way home from work so that the place is cool when you get in.
Frankly – I’ve never bothered.
It just looks good.
BUT it is only 8000 BTU’s and is NOISY.
However, being a design whore….well.
Stay tuned for a “house tour” of Laura’s apartment renovation.

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