Since we’re heading out on retreat, rest, and NOT posting for a while, we thought we’d leave you with a bit of summer fun (in addition to our vast wonderland of 3100 articles). To start, check out a minute or so from Firefly Time-Lapse for a hit of the wondrous natural world.

Onto Marella Consolini’s find the very day we published Pink Inspiration, Erotic and Otherwise: a video on the great Atlas Obscura about how and why the very ugliest tone of pink has been used for behavior control…in jails.  (Video link here.)

Although we stopped reading tabloids years ago —too dark — somehow we found ourselves at the Daily News’ Worst Celebrity Makeup Blunders, MESMERIZED by supposed-to-be-perfect celebrity’s desperate makeup attempts, with some pretty funny and sometimes telling commentary. “Don’t get too close to the raccoon — Taylor Momsen may bite.” (She does look sad and angry.)


We learned from our twenty-something assistant Mira Keras that much of these fails are due the rage for bronzer and for “contouring”, where you spackle on so much makeup that you can literally change yourself into any look you want (but can’t go near anyone for fear of smearing it).

 Judy Eddy/
Judy Eddy/

This dishy, tabloid-ish riff makes for a fun 10 minutes that will also make you feel better about yourself, as you see that celebreties are people as flawed and real as you, but you don’t have to be in that terrible spotlight. All are fine commentary on the essential wabi-sabi principle of Imperfection…

Xavier Collin/Celebrity Monitor, Michael Becker/Getty Images
Xavier Collin/Celebrity Monitor, Michael Becker/Getty Images

Right after we stumbled on the desperate make-up blunders, we opened ever-great Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers at random and found this:

All things are imperfect. Nothing that exists is without imperfections. When we look really closely at things we see the flaws. The sharp edge of a razor blade, when magnified, reveals microscopic pits, chips, and variegations. Every craftsman knows the limits of perfection: the imperfections glare back. And as things begin to break down and approach the primordial state, they become even less perfect, more irregular. 

It makes a wonderful house gift, and is an enduring read that you can open anywhere for a chunk o’ wisdom:

For more summer fun and illumination, we encourage you to poke around our vast archive, hoping you…

Happy Holidays… See you in few weeks.

 Gif from the divine Un Gif Dans Ta Guele

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