Our friend Karrolyn Belkis, who went skydiving when she turned 80, clearly has a forward-thinking view of life. Still, she isn’t crazy about what technology and our always-on lifestyle is doing to us, making it difficult to just BE without always having our eye on a screen. Although she uses a cellphone and a laptop, she believes that sometimes they are best turned OFF, and dedicates at least one day each week to being technology-free. She repurposed an old cellphone to be a sign that said just that.

It’s real simple:

ON  ——>>  OFF!!!

We’re thinking that JUST going without any devices for a day or even a few hours might be a form of meditation…a modern way to quiet the mind that might not be as easy as it sounds…

…it is a practice…

…well worth the anxiety it might initially cause…


Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider




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