(Video link here.) As a farewell to its audience after 11 years of programming, CBS’s Wire Tap radio show made a video of people giving advice to their younger counterparts. It’s worth watching through to the very end.

We love:

Dear 7-year-old,

No matter what anyone says, 

Stay weird.


An 8-year-old.

….it seems to gain steam as advisors get older, as at 2:22, Dear 53 year old…

ahhhhhhh. GREAT.

…and onward…


What would YOU say, to the younger you?

for us it might be…

Sally Schneider
Sally Schneider

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2 replies on “How to Grow Old Gracefully: Advice From Older Selves

  1. I’ve just forwarded that link to friends and family.
    The best way to start the day, with some laughing out loud!
    Thanks Sally!

    “Stay weird.”

  2. Thank you! Precious, valuable and inspiring.

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