It’s Sunday night and we realize we are steeling ourself a bit for Monday and the start of a new week. After a very busy LAST week, we let a few things slide over the weekend, and they will, no doubt, pile onto Monday’s to-do list, which will make it…daunting.

What to do? We’re thinking this single wise word is the way to go. We learned it from the mysterious Anne Herbert, writer of the great Peace and Love and Noticing the Details blog that stopped suddenly in June of 2012, but has curiously remained online; Herbert all but disappeared. Perhaps Herbert was heeding her own advice.

What are the things we REALLY need want to do today?

What can we eliminate?


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2 replies on “Advice for Monday: Simpler.

  1. I am a jazz vocalist in LA – (and friend of Susan Dworski)
    = Today’s video moves me to share mine >>

    Thank you for your caring stimulating resonant thought-provoking work and comradeship!
    Onward — Suze

  2. Your video is truly lovely: pitch perfect simultaneity of dandelion, with swell music and lyrics. Thank you!!!

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