Designer Laura Handler continues to amaze us with the way she handles “some un-lovely things” in her Harlem apartment. We recently featured her disguise for ugly air conditioner surrounds using checkered duct tape. Now she’s turned her attention to another eye-sore whose ubiquitous look we’ve pondered and hated forever: big black flat-screen TV’s. (Why doesn’t some manufacturer make a white one? we’ve wondered, but that is another story). Handler figured out a fix. Her thinking: “They make phone covers don’t they?”  Why not make a TV cover?

Laura Handler
Laura Handler
She used burlap printed duck tape to carefully cover the ugly black edges and base. Then she placed the TV on two bound volumes of The New York Times from 1928 and 1929. (Great stock market and real estate tips there!)


Handler is the best duct tape artiste we’ve seen. “There are some snappy red bandana and macaroni tapes that would make great TVs.” 
bandana duck tape

She is currently mulling how duct tape might transform scanners.

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