(Video link here.) Every week or so, we run through a diverse array of websites scouting interesting ideas that we and Improvised Life’s readers might find useful. We’re amazed at the growing number of “lifestyle” sites that tout pricey, high-design, often useless STUFF with the implicit message: Buy this______ and your life will be better. In addition to home design sites with endlessly similar “mid-century” interiors, we’ve noticed a rash of celebrities hawking “one-of-a-kind, curated” objets so that you too can buy their “lifestyle”.

Check out The Late Show host Stephen Colbert‘s worth-every-minute riff on this trend, and HIS new lifestyle brand Covetton House.We especially love the “reclaimed” Brooklyn sidewalk sofa.  We’d like to invite whomever thought up the suede coasters that can’t get wet to be a guest editor at the Annals of Bad Design.

The Late Show
The Late Show

via Laughing Squid

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One thought on “Steven Colbert Riffs on Lifestyle Brands and Starts His Own

  1. Saw this, may i say : classic , one of kind Colbert .
    want.. a Covetton telescope to look at the giraffe
    in my living woods

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