In this season of frenzied holiday shopping, Quartz asked 40 leaders in art, business, fashion, science, and social justice the question: What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?  Their surprising answers cast a lens on just what a great gift really is, along with some really lovely ideas….

Junot Diaz, author: origami that helped heal and calm

Maira Kalman, author and illustrator: a precious book with an astonishing inscription

Astro Teller, head of Google X: a surprise, friend-and-family-sourced scrapbook

Hari Neff, model (Our all-time favorite gift…)

Mike Kreiger, co-founder, Instagram: a handmade website of books to read

Whitney Wolf, CEO, Bumble: a relaxing “detox kit”

What IS the best gift you ever received? (Or maybe the top five…?)

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2 replies on “What’s The Best Gift You’ve Ever Received?

  1. It’s not very romantic…but around 2000 I was in desperate need of gift for the wife. On a whim, I purchased here a 14 hour TiVo (with a lifetime subscription, no less!). Thus we were on the leading edge of DVR owners.

    That device changed our TV watching life, and probably our life in general.

    No longer did we have to watch TV on TV’s schedule, but did so on our own. Of course, all this is common place.

    But back in the day, it was revolutionary. Best. Gift. Ever.

    Second best gift: a plus, queen sized heating blanket. Again, for the wife.

    It’s absolutely luxurious to climb into a warm bed on a chilly night.

    Seriously, two best gifts ever. And they even go well together….

  2. So do you climb into that big warm bed and watch movies? Pair that with the “Leave us alone” door knob sign and you’re all set!

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